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New Short Story: The Indomitable, Part I: Honour and Steel

A new short story—The Indomitable, Part I: Honour and Steel—has been released!


Knight-Captain Lady Justine Deuvers was given a task by Lord Arthur: to attend a meeting of insurgents in secret and learn what they intend to do. Justine obeys the command without fear or regret, but as the meeting goes on, she feels less and less resentment for the insurgents. Then, when it all goes wrong, she must decide what it means to be a knight.

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Weekly Update: Short Story Previews

Hello readers!

My short story releases continue next Friday with the first part of The Indomitable series that will span the next four (or more!) weeks. The story follows the principle events in the life of the first Voice, Justine Deuvers, and the crucibles that earned her the title ‘Indomitable.’ For those who have read Darkness Rising from cover to cover, you know that Justine lived three hundred years before the events of my first novel. Thus there will be plenty of new characters, characters that you have read references of, and perhaps some returning characters too.

Following that, there will be two more serialized entries that will take us into December (where I will stop pushing short stories so I can finish Chains of Fate for release on December 15). The first of these entries is titled Terror of the Black Storm. This series will focus entirely on the Isilian Imperium, and eventually, the war with Dalia that occurs before Darkness Rising.  The Birth of Madness series will follow afterward, and those stories will visit the Trechtian invasion of Dalia from the perspective of the Marcanas brothers.

Also, please do consume the short stories before January 2018—for I will be taking them all down then. I will give all those stories a heavy edit pass as I prepare them for my first short story collection, A Prelude to Darkness. I will offer more details as we get closer to the March 16, 2018 release date (and not the least of which will be the additional content outside of the short stories).


New Short Story: The Dark God, Part III: The Sealing

A new short story—The Dark God, Part III: The Sealing—has been released!


Amos has survived the Dream and brought the Daemon Lord to bear. Emperor Archelaus—his father— stands in defiance, barring the dominion of the dark god. Little remains that Amos has not sacrificed, nor does the Lord Sovereign scare him. The realm stands upon the precipice, as Dusk and Dawn collide for the first time.

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New Short Story: The Dark God, Part I: The Fall

This week’s short story—The Dark God, Part I: The Fall—has been released!


Elder Amos sits in council while the First Born discuss the waves of death that have begun to overwhelm the empire. He finds few friends in his relentless pursuit of knowledge, but he knows it is the path that must be walked, even if the others are made to. What awaits such a recourse will shape the history of the realm, and herald events that will shatter the Great Fate.

You can read all of the Ancient Vestiges short stories here.