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Weekly Update: The Indomitable & Literature Commentary

Hello all!

It has been a busy couple of weeks and there is a lot I want to discuss today, starting with The Indomitable. Simply put, not since Aerona Harkan has a character enthralled me more than Justine Deuvers. I originally intended for The Indomitable to be a four part series that would explain her origins, detail her meeting with Prophet Gabriel, and whence she lead Dalia’s forces against the Darkness. All of that content is still on the table, but it will be done much more expansively. I am still planning the back end of the narrative, but it would not surprise me if we reach part ten of The Indomitable. Thus Terror of the Black Storm and Birth of Madness series are being pushed to early 2018. They are stories that will still be included when I publish A Prelude to Darkness in March 2018, but I think there is a tremendous opportunity to delve deeply into an amazing character and journey in Justine Deuvers.

I also wanted to announce that on Thursdays I will be publishing a week commentary on some aspect of literature that interests me. This will be more mechanical, the nuts and bolts of writing imaginative fiction, but if something related interests me, I will pursue it. This Thursday I will be giving my take on word repetition and the flow of prose. I do hope you enjoy it.