Week in the Realm: White Walls Excerpt & Chronicles

This week I will be providing an excerpt from a bonus story that I have decided to include in Prelude to Darkness, titled The White Walls. The narrative follows a young Rachel Du’vron on the heels of her commencement from Truftan Monastery and the exaltation of The Guile of Disciples, a scholarly paper that she co-wrote with her good friend, Lutessa. However, the night is more than meat, mead, and cheers: shadows creep across the city, and what passes will change the fate of Holy Dalia forever. That excerpt will be available this FridayContinue Reading

Week in the Realm: New Website Look, Summer Features Roadmap, Strength of the Mountain Excerpt, and Prelude to Darkness.

Hello and good evening readers!

The current look of my website has served well for readers on mobile devices, but it has been a little irksome for those on desktop devices. So much of my time has been devoted to Prelude to Darkness, however, I have spent some time on a face lift for the website, and that will go live this Thursday.

I am also ready to talk more at length about features that will appear on the website in between book releases. The Chronicles feature will receive its initial content in August. Chronicles is a spoiler-light appendix feature that will explore chronology, characters, families, the kingdoms, and mythology. The goal is to have an entry every week, slowly building up a bastion of information that will not go past the furthest published book. All of this will be in addition to short story releases, which will resume in early September.

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Week in the Realm: The Indomitable Concludes, Prelude to Darkness Release, and Chronicles

Woo, hi, folks!

This is the start of Week in the Realm, which will replace the Weekly Update. I will push it every Monday, and it will detail website features and content, information about upcoming releases, and anything else related to my literary efforts.

So let’s hit it.

The Indomitable short story series will conclude this week. I will be publishing By Steel, By Faith on Wednesday and Holy Dalia on Friday. That will conclude the free content from my upcoming release, Prelude to Darkness. Then, on Monday March 12, I will take down all of the free offerings on the website. These stories will be edited, revised, and compiled for the formal release. While the stories will be relatively intact for the release, there will be additional content for some of the installments (including The Indomitable), new short story series that I never offered for free (Terror of the Black Storm, Birth of Madness) and some new one off offerings.

That brings me to the Prelude to Darkness release. I am making very strong strides towards that March 30 release date, but there is a possibility I may need to delay it by an additional month. I will update everyone on the March 12 Week in the Realm with my final determination.

The last item I want to touch on is Chronicles. I wanted to start building that feature, but too much of my time has been consumed by finishing Prelude to Darkness. It is not a feature that I am abandoning, but I need to put it on the back burner until I have finished Prelude to Darkness. Look for it to officially launch in the weeks to come.

-Brenden Christopher Gardner

The Indomitable, Part VIII: Amongst Wolves

A new short story—The Indomitable, Part VIII: Amongst Wolves—has been released!


Justine has arrived in Lord Theodore’s city. She can find no trace of the Betrayer, but amidst the cacophony of the market square, aid comes from the unlikeliest of places.


The Indomitable, Part VII: The Betrayer

A new short story—The Indomitable, Part VII: The Betrayer—has been released!


Justine returns to the castle where she met Gabriel so long ago. It is not with hope, but dread, that guides her feet, and a determined resolve for answers.