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Pre-orders? No! Early release instead!

If you are looking for your pre-order of Ancient Vestiges: Darkness Rising, I have great news for you: you can own the e-Book / Kindle edition two days early!

Click me if you are a US reader!

Click me if you are a Canadian reader!

For those who would like a physical edition of the novel, it will be available on the formal release date instead (November 23).

Enjoy Ancient Vestiges: Darkness Rising everyone!


Pre-orders and release date announcement

Hello everyone!

Today I am pleased to announce that pre-orders for Ancient Vestiges: Darkness Rising will go live on Monday November 21 at 7:00pm EST (4:00pm PST). If you place a pre-order, your order will be processed for the formal release date of November 23.

I will be announcing pricing details when the pre-orders go up.

Chapter 22: The Heart of the Sand

Chapter 22: The Heart of the Sand

This is it. It all comes to a head. Aerona must face Eldred once again, but she is much stronger now, and there is more at stake. Their battle will be for the very fate of the world: Light vs Darkness. Yet is that all? Men and women have played a dangerous game to yield this occurrence. Will they stand aside?