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Week in the Realm: Prelude to Darkness Update & Teaser Excerpt on May 18

Hello readers!

It has been awhile since my last update. I do get lost in my fictional world and all. I will try to do better moving forward, and I do have some updates for today.

Prelude to Darkness remains on schedule for a June 29 release. During the last two weeks leading up to the release, I will unveil the new series name and book covers for Darkness Rising and Prelude to Darkness. Further, the collection will include five books with eight different primary perspectives, which are: Continue reading Week in the Realm: Prelude to Darkness Update & Teaser Excerpt on May 18

Week in the Realm: Last Call for Short Stories, Prelude to Darkness Stories, and Book Progress

Hello readers!

Right off the hop, I would like to announce that this is the last week that my current collection of short stories will be available for consumption on the website. These, of course, are being polished and re-packaged for my next book release, Prelude to Darkness. Which leads into …

Where is the collection??  I am still working very hard on it, however, I do have to delay the release to June 30. That is a placeholder date, and I do regret another delay, but a lot of things have cropped up in my life outside of writing, and it cannot be helped.

So is there good news? Yes, yes there is.

This is the current lineup of serialized stories for the collection:

  • The Dark God — Three stories, 15,000 words.
  • The Indomitable — Ten stories and an epilogue, 55,000 words.
  • Rise of the Corsair — Five stories, 25,000 words.
  • The Black Wrath — Four Stories, 20,000 words.
  • Birth of Madness — Five stories, 25,000 words.
  • A handful of short stories — roughly 5,000 words each.

All told, the collection should reach at least 160,000 words when it is complete. To put a point of comparison, Darkness Rising counted in at 240,000 words. Thus the collection will be slightly smaller than a novel release, but it is filled with a ton of new stories, new characters and younger versions of existing characters. As the weeks go on I will be offering teasers and previews for stories in the collection.

So now that brings us to book progress. Of those roughly 160,000 words that Prelude to Darkness will encompass, roughly 120,000 of them are edited, polished and ready to publish. I am expecting to publish the book before June 30, but I do need some more time to finish the remaining 40,000 words, and perhaps add more to it, if time allows.

What about Chains of Fate? When I focused all of my efforts into Prelude to Darkness, I had half of the first draft complete for Chains of Fate. As soon as I hit the publish button for Prelude to Darkness, I will spend the rest of my efforts on Chains of Fate. I do not like to make promises — real life can strike at any time! — but I am very confident than Chains of Fate will release in 2018.

-Brenden Christopher Gardner

Weekly Update: Short Story Previews

Hello readers!

My short story releases continue next Friday with the first part of The Indomitable series that will span the next four (or more!) weeks. The story follows the principle events in the life of the first Voice, Justine Deuvers, and the crucibles that earned her the title ‘Indomitable.’ For those who have read Darkness Rising from cover to cover, you know that Justine lived three hundred years before the events of my first novel. Thus there will be plenty of new characters, characters that you have read references of, and perhaps some returning characters too.

Following that, there will be two more serialized entries that will take us into December (where I will stop pushing short stories so I can finish Chains of Fate for release on December 15). The first of these entries is titled Terror of the Black Storm. This series will focus entirely on the Isilian Imperium, and eventually, the war with Dalia that occurs before Darkness Rising.  The Birth of Madness series will follow afterward, and those stories will visit the Trechtian invasion of Dalia from the perspective of the Marcanas brothers.

Also, please do consume the short stories before January 2018—for I will be taking them all down then. I will give all those stories a heavy edit pass as I prepare them for my first short story collection, A Prelude to Darkness. I will offer more details as we get closer to the March 16, 2018 release date (and not the least of which will be the additional content outside of the short stories).


Release Dates for Novels and Short Story Collections

It has been a long week—and a week where I have not felt my best, but I have some very exciting updates that I want to share.

I am very happy to announce targeted release dates for all of my upcoming book projects. This is my much talked about quarterly release schedule.

Chains of Fate: A Novel—December 14, 2017

The Prelude to Darkness: A Short Story Collection—March 16, 2018

Unbreakable Will: A Novel—June 15, 2018

Warriors of Fate: A Short Story Collection—September 14, 2018

Transcendent: A Novel—December 14, 2018

Fates Entwined: A Short Story Collection—March 15, 2019

These six titles will be available in both paperback and e-book formats. Pre-order information, synopsis’, and included content will be provided closer to each subsequent release.

Although, I will provide some information concerning the first two releases on the schedule.

Chains of Fate occurs seven years after the events of Darkness Rising. It is the first of a planned trilogy that closely follows Aerona Harkan, Daniel Baccan, Tristifer Marcanas, and the fell sorcerer, Lord Eldred.

The realm has known peace since the clash between the Bringers of Dusk and Dawn, but peace never lasts long: powers long thought defeated emerge, and the very doom that prophecy foretold millennia ago shall arise, though not in the way that any thought possible. Heroes must rise once more, but how the Great Fate shall churn, none living can foresee.

The Prelude to Darkness will be my first short story collection that I will be offering. The collection will include many of the stories that I have offered (and will continue to) on my website, but much more refined, organized chronologically, with introductions and appendixes. The collection will include the following stories: The Dark God, The Paragon, Sworn to the Cloth, Rise of the Corsair, The Terror of the Black Storm, The Birth of Madness, and many more. I will also be releasing short stories that have never been posted online, featuring the characters of Father Stephen Francis, High Priestess Lutessa, Rafael Azail, Emperor Archelaus, and others.

I am incredibly excited to bring readers all of this content.

Also: tomorrow I will be releasing The Dark God, Part II: The Summoning at 5:00pm EST.

New Short Story: Rise of the Corsair, Part IV: Reign of the Overlord

This week’s short story—Rise of the Corsair, Part IV: Reign of the Overlord—has been released!


Daniel Baccan is the Corsair. Embracing the moniker, he loyally serves Overlord Damian Dannars and his reckless pursuit of power. To that end, the last of the great captains has been recruited to the service of the soon-to-be Southern Nations, but despite all the secrecy, the great kingdoms of the realm are not entirely ignorant. As the realm quakes, the Corsair must rise, enforcing the will of the overlord.

You can view all of the Ancient Vestiges short stories here.

This brings an end to July’s short story arc: Rise of the Corsair. It has been a lot of fun revisiting the characters of Daniel Baccan and Damian Dannars in the formative years of their alliance. It is not a full origin story for Daniel (his childhood was only briefly explored) and while there are plans for exploring that later, it is not now.

So what is next?

Beginning on August 14, and running through to August 28, will be a three-part short story series titled The Dark God. This will be the earliest story on the timeline—very much removed, but connected to every short story. The perspective character will be Amos, and the narrative will focus on the discovery of the Animus stones in Old Mazain, the nightmares that they wrought, Emperor Archelaus’ decision to seal them away, and the arrival of the dark god, Sariel, unto the mortal realm.

This series will develop the Ancient Vestiges mythology that Darkness Rising only eluded to and some characters are aware of but only briefly discuss.

There will also be several changes to the website and content delivery next week. Do look for that!