Darkness Rising Sale (EBook only) & White Walls Excerpt

I am pleased to share that the EBook version of my debut novel, Darkness Rising, will be on sale (up to 67% off!) from July 29 to August 5 on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk marketplaces only. This is a great time to hop into a world of swords and fell sorcery, before the release of Prelude to Darkness next month!

Now, as promised earlier in the week, an excerpt from The White Walls. The selection has Rachel Du’vron entering the Cathedral of Light after a night of meat, mead, and jubilation, and not is all as it seems in the very heart of Holy Dalia.

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Week in the Realm: White Walls Excerpt & Chronicles

This week I will be providing an excerpt from a bonus story that I have decided to include in Prelude to Darkness, titled The White Walls. The narrative follows a young Rachel Du’vron on the heels of her commencement from Truftan Monastery and the exaltation of The Guile of Disciples, a scholarly paper that she co-wrote with her good friend, Lutessa. However, the night is more than meat, mead, and cheers: shadows creep across the city, and what passes will change the fate of Holy Dalia forever. That excerpt will be available this FridayContinue Reading

Strength of the Mountain Excerpt

Today’s excerpt is drawn from the first chapter of the Strength of the Mountain narrative, the fourth installment in Prelude to Darkness. The tale centres on Andrew Dunctap—otherwise known as the Black Wrath—but before he serves as Imperator Argath Diomedes’ sworn sword, he was a reaver under the command of Shipp, beneath the dominion of Overlord Damian Dannars. Yet much had changed over Andrew’s servitude, forcing him to draw steel against the overlord.Continue Reading

Week in the Realm: New Website Look, Summer Features Roadmap, Strength of the Mountain Excerpt, and Prelude to Darkness.

Hello and good evening readers!

The current look of my website has served well for readers on mobile devices, but it has been a little irksome for those on desktop devices. So much of my time has been devoted to Prelude to Darkness, however, I have spent some time on a face lift for the website, and that will go live this Thursday.

I am also ready to talk more at length about features that will appear on the website in between book releases. The Chronicles feature will receive its initial content in August. Chronicles is a spoiler-light appendix feature that will explore chronology, characters, families, the kingdoms, and mythology. The goal is to have an entry every week, slowly building up a bastion of information that will not go past the furthest published book. All of this will be in addition to short story releases, which will resume in early September.

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Rise of the Corsair Excerpt

Today’s excerpt is drawn from Rise of the Corsair, and features a peak into the mind of a young Daniel Baccan whence he meets Damian Dannars for the first time. In this fated meeting, Daniel has just shared the tale of when he was stripped of lordship and cast out of his home, but not without a mandate from the Lion Throne.

It is the beginning of a journey that will lead the eldest son of the noble Baccan clan to the heights of the Corsair.Continue Reading