Week in the Realm: White Walls Excerpt & Chronicles

This week I will be providing an excerpt from a bonus story that I have decided to include in Prelude to Darkness, titled The White Walls. The narrative follows a young Rachel Du’vron on the heels of her commencement from Truftan Monastery and the exaltation of The Guile of Disciples, a scholarly paper that she co-wrote with her good friend, Lutessa. However, the night is more than meat, mead, and cheers: shadows creep across the city, and what passes will change the fate of Holy Dalia forever. That excerpt will be available this Friday

Beginning one week from today, I will launch the Chronicles feature, and it will receive new additions every Wednesday. Chronicles serves as a spoiler-light encyclopedia that goes in-depth to the great kingdoms, political leanings, power families, geography, and a chronology of events. On Wednesday August 1, I will debut the feature with the timeline that will come with Prelude to Darkness, compiling dates when all the major works take place (novels and individual narratives). There will also be the first entry into Holy Dalia, centering upon the founding, hierarchy,  and division of power.

-Brenden Christopher Gardner