Weekly Update: Chronicle of the Realm, The Prelude to Darkness Cover, The Indomitable Release Schedule

Hello readers!

I am pleased to announce that beginning on Wednesday January 17, 2018 I will unveil my newest website feature, Chronicle of the Realm. This will essentially be an encyclopedia of my work’s mythology, history, countries, groups, people, and places. Most of what it will contain you can discern from reading my books, but there will also be new information that supplements understanding of particulars that the books do not cover. This feature will be added to every Wednesday.

The first entry to the Chronicle of the Realm will dive into the hierarchy of power in Holy Dalia, and in particular, the Rule of the Voice.


Next month I will unveil the cover for The Prelude to Darkness, my first short story collection that will release on March 30. Then, in early March, the book will be available for pre-order. Prior to the pre-order period, I will post details about signed copies, for those who are interested in that.


Lastly, I have finalized the release schedule for the rest of The Indomitable series:

Friday January 12, 2018 — A Daughter’s Burden

Friday January 19, 2018 — The Betrayer

Tuesday January 23, 2018 — Blessed by Steel

Friday January 26, 2018 — By Steel, By Faith

Tuesday January 30, 2018 — Holy Dalia

When this concludes, there will be a brief drought of free short stories as I prepare for the release of The Prelude to Darkness. Then, in early May, I will begin a new short story series that will have narrative connections to Chains of Fate.

-Brenden Christopher Gardner

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