The Indomitable, Part VII: The Betrayer

A new short story—The Indomitable, Part VII: The Betrayer—has been released!


Justine returns to the castle where she met Gabriel so long ago. It is not with hope, but dread, that guides her feet, and a determined resolve for answers.

New Short Story: The Indomitable, Part VI: A Daughter’s Burden

A new short story—The Indomitable, Part VI: A Daughter’s Burden—has been released!


Justine spars with Ser Marcus in front of a crowd of warrior priests—the defenders of the newly raised city of Dale. There are troubles that Justine must see to, but it is not until the arrival of a guest that she plunges towards a darkened future.

Weekly Update: Chronicle of the Realm, The Prelude to Darkness Cover, The Indomitable Release Schedule

Hello readers!

I am pleased to announce that beginning in March I will unveil my newest website feature, Chronicle of the Realm. This will essentially be an encyclopedia of my work’s mythology, history, countries, groups, people, and places. Most of what it will contain you can discern from reading my books, but there will also be new information that supplements understanding of particulars that the books do not cover. This feature will be added to every Wednesday.Continue Reading