Contact Means for Reviews, Interviews, and Licensing Inquiries

Hello readers!

Lately I have been receiving numerous requests for review copies and interviews through direct messages on Twitter and private messages on Facebook. While I am very happy to provide review copies and interview requests, I must ask that this is done in a professional manner. Please use the Contact page on my website for these requests. Do note that I need to be able to fully vet your blog, website, or publication. In addition, if you are simply a reader and wish to discuss anything from my work, literature, or whatever else crosses your mind, you can do so through that page as well.

Thank you for understanding.

New Short Story: The Dark God, Part II: The Summoning

A new short story—The Dark God, Part II: The Summoning—has been released!


Elder Amos travels to the northern mountains, seeking the Animus Chambers. His cult that worships the Dark God of Nightmares has taken over the posts of the Deathsworn, leaving it unguarded. In the depths of the mountain, Amos will commune with the dark god, and what follows will define the realm for ages to come.

You can read all of the Ancient Vestiges short stories here.

Release Dates for Novels and Short Story Collections

It has been a long week—and a week where I have not felt my best, but I have some very exciting updates that I want to share.

I am very happy to announce targeted release dates for all of my upcoming book projects. This is my much talked about quarterly release schedule.

Chains of Fate: A Novel—December 14, 2017

The Prelude to Darkness: A Short Story Collection—March 16, 2018

Unbreakable Will: A Novel—June 15, 2018

Warriors of Fate: A Short Story Collection—September 14, 2018

Transcendent: A Novel—December 14, 2018

Fates Entwined: A Short Story Collection—March 15, 2019

These six titles will be available in both paperback and e-book formats. Pre-order information, synopsis’, and included content will be provided closer to each subsequent release.

Although, I will provide some information concerning the first two releases on the schedule.

Chains of Fate occurs seven years after the events of Darkness Rising. It is the first of a planned trilogy that closely follows Aerona Harkan, Daniel Baccan, Tristifer Marcanas, and the fell sorcerer, Lord Eldred.

The realm has known peace since the clash between the Bringers of Dusk and Dawn, but peace never lasts long: powers long thought defeated emerge, and the very doom that prophecy foretold millennia ago shall arise, though not in the way that any thought possible. Heroes must rise once more, but how the Great Fate shall churn, none living can foresee.

The Prelude to Darkness will be my first short story collection that I will be offering. The collection will include many of the stories that I have offered (and will continue to) on my website, but much more refined, organized chronologically, with introductions and appendixes. The collection will include the following stories: The Dark God, The Paragon, Sworn to the Cloth, Rise of the Corsair, The Terror of the Black Storm, The Birth of Madness, and many more. I will also be releasing short stories that have never been posted online, featuring the characters of Father Stephen Francis, High Priestess Lutessa, Rafael Azail, Emperor Archelaus, and others.

I am incredibly excited to bring readers all of this content.

Also: tomorrow I will be releasing The Dark God, Part II: The Summoning at 5:00pm EST.

New Short Story: The Dark God, Part I: The Fall

This week’s short story—The Dark God, Part I: The Fall—has been released!


Elder Amos sits in council while the First Born discuss the waves of death that have begun to overwhelm the empire. He finds few friends in his relentless pursuit of knowledge, but he knows it is the path that must be walked, even if the others are made to. What awaits such a recourse will shape the history of the realm, and herald events that will shatter the Great Fate.

You can read all of the Ancient Vestiges short stories here.

Website & Social Media Changes

Hello all!

This weekend I will be pushing several changes to this website and my social media outlets. Namely, they will centre on myself, as an author, and not a specific work. This will allow me to push more content and updates as it reflects all the work I do. There will still be considerable content for Ancient Vestiges novels and short stories—that will never, ever change—but this will be much more fluid.

However, it is time to update bookmarks.

I will be getting my own domain for the website (no more, yay). I will update everyone when the new domain is active.

My Facebook fan page has already changed to:

My Twitter page will remain the same:

This also means that all of the short story links will be broken as they will be re-uploaded to the new site. You will need to navigate to them when the new site is up.

Exciting times ahead!

-Brenden Christopher Gardner