Second Edition of Darkness Rising Coming in April; Chains of Fate Update

Hey all!

I am very pleased to announce that the second edition of Darkness Rising will be made available in April. For the e-book version the following changes have been made: textual updates (fixed grammatical & spelling errors and made slight word replacements). The paperback will have all the e-book changes and it will be reformatted (smaller font and wider margins). As of this writing, the page count has been decreased by 200. I will be able to offer Darkness Rising at a substantively reduced price tag than its current $19.99 USD. I will announce the final, much lower price when the manuscript is complete (I am currently going through the final pass).

When the update goes live, the Kindle app should download the updated text for e-book readers. For paperback readers, I will announce and link the second edition when it goes live to retailers.

Now for Chains of Fate.

I have written a third of Chains of Fate. I am very eager to show off some of my work so far, and I will shortly. The spoiler-free first synopsis — which is more of a teaser than anything else — will go up on Thursday night. If you are still working through Darkness Rising, the synopsis will not spoil any of the events of that novel.

Thanks for being a reader!

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