Darkness Rising for $0.99 (Limited Time!); Chains of Fate Synopsis Coming Soon

I am very pleased to announce that the eBook version of Darkness Rising is now available for $0.99 for a limited time (this is down from $2.99). There is no better time to venture into my war-torn realm of swords and fell sorcery. At 1,200+ pages in the kindle version, you will not find a better per dollar value.


The Great Fate churns once again.

A disgraced knight is tormented by endless nightmares. A young priestess sits the Crystal Throne of Mother God, lost in a murky mire. Smugglers and pirates reap and pillage every shore; the realm a battleground for their debauchery. A resentful and battle hardened imperator is tempted by a power he does not understand. All the while savants and seers are wracked by visions of a cold and desolate future.

The pieces are upon the board, and the immortals are moving the subservient to their will.

A recurrence has come again. The Time of Ascendance is at hand.

Yet, will it unfold as it has for centuries? Or, is there some sliver of hope to challenge what was ordained long ago?

Whatever comes to pass, it is a time of change and upheaval, of secrets and trysts, of swords and fell sorcery.

The Darkness Rising is coming, but so are the Children of the Dawn.

Purchase your copy here: https://t.co/KxMiHX7DkS


Within the next week I will be posting the first pass of a spoiler-free synopsis for Chains of Fate. For those who are still hurdling through Darkness Rising, there will not be any plot spoilers in the synopsis (I do hate it when synopsis’ in a book series spoil the ones that come before it — I will not do it). Then I will start teasing out elements of Chains of Fate as the months go on.