Final Pricing Ahead of Launch Day

Hello and good afternoon readers!

I hope all of my kindle readers have been enjoying their pre-release literature. I have seen the sales and I am flattered by the response so far. It has been incredible.

It has only just begun.

Tomorrow — Wednesday November 23 / 2016 — I will begin selling printed copies in addition to the kindle versions. I did want to write a blog post to talk about pricing for each version.

The price for the kindle version is $3.99 USD ($5.39 CAD).

The price for the physical book will be $17.99 USD ($24.20 CAD).

Both of those numbers may seem a little high (particularly the physical book). Here are some realities that I am dealing with.

It costs me $16.94 USD to manufacture and list the physical version of the book. I will make a mere 0.63 USD per copy sold. I cannot lower the price any further on the physical book.

Now, while the kindle version has a significantly reduced manufacturing and list cost, I am only making $1.40 USD per version sold.

Ancient Vestiges: Darkness Rising is not a short book. It is 776 pages in the physical book. That translates to roughly 249,000 words. It is an incredibly beefy book that you will be a long time reading.

I hope everyone keeps this in mind when they look at what I’m asking per copy.


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