Pre-orders, release date, book signings, & more

I have a slew of updates today.

We are three weeks away from the worldwide release of Ancient Vestiges: Darkness Rising. November 23 / 2016 is locked in stone. That being said, I am pleased to announce that pre-orders will go up no later than November 18 / 2016 on Amazon for the e-book / kindle and the physical book versions. Very exciting.

Also, if you purchase a physical copy of the book and are in the Greater Toronto Area, I will make myself available on a few dates for book signings. This will come some time after release. I will announce dates and times in the future.

I will be making an announcement of pricing next week. The e-book and physical book prices will be significantly different, however. There is no manufacturing cost for the e-book, while the physical book is sizable. When those prices go up, it is not a case of me being greedy with the physical book, it is simply a reality of cost on my part.

A few little factoids as I close in on the finished product.

  • The physical book dimensions are 6 by 9 inches.
  • The cover design and art is not being done by me (thankfully).
  • The final page count will be around 760 pages.
  • The final word count will be give or take 250,000 words (this is longer than each of the Lord of the Rings novels, 34,000 words shorter than Game of Thrones, and equal or greater than some of the Wheel of Time novels).
  • Aerona Harkan is the character with the most perspective chapters.
  • Amos is the character with the most cut perspective chapters.
  • The novel is split into three parts or books (Awakening, Sea of Storms, and Heart of the Sand). While each follow a uniform style, each incorporate their own techniques to tell a compelling story.

Thank you for reading. More updates to come as the days go on.

And thank you for supporting my dream!

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