Darkness Rising Progression, Book Expansion, & Release Collection

Hello and happy Saturday everyone!

It’s been a busy week of re-writing, revising, editing, and re-writing some more. That said, I do want to give an update on a few items.

As of this writing, I have completed 8 out of the 30 chapters for Darkness Rising — or roughly 26% done. I am working at a rate of 5 chapters a week (sometimes more) so I should complete the re-write by sometime in mid-July. Once I achieve that, I will revise and edit Sea of Storms and Heart of the Sand. This process should go fairly quick as I do not have to wholesale re-write those books. Which leads me into…

Book Expansion! In the first drafts of Sea of Storms and Heart of the Sand, there were 26 and 24 chapters respectively. In the interest of novel symmetry, I will be increasing the chapter totals to match Darkness Rising. So when I release, there will be 30 chapters per book, which leads me into…

Release Collection! I had been considering for awhile whether to release the books individually or as a collective whole. In the end I have decided to release all three stories in a single tome. The Ancient Vestige trilogy is essentially one big, interconnected story rather than three separate narratives. The end result will be one long story (of 300,000+ words) instead of three separate novels of 100,000 words each.

That’s all from me this week. Enjoy the weekend (I’ll be busy writing!).

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