Announcements: trilogy re-branding, release window, book covers, and more!

Hello readers, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and the world at large! I have some major announcements to make today, along with the re-launch of my website.

So let’s dig into it.

  • The final name for my first trilogy of stories will be Ancient Vestiges. Book titles remain unchanged: Darkness Rising, Sea of Storms, and Heart of the Sand.
  • I will be releasing all these stories as a collection this fall. It is likely that it will come out in October / November, but depending on how these final months go, I may be able to release at the end of September! I will update the release date window over the coming months.
  • The collection will be available in physical book and e-book formats. I am still determining the price, but there should not be much of a difference in pricing.
  • If you head over to the Books section of my website you will see the tentative book covers.
  • I will be updating this website every week detailing my progress, teasers, and narrative samples.

I cannot properly share how excited I am to lock down a release window. This has been over a decade in the making, and I am terribly excited that the world will be able to see the fruits of a long, fulfilling labour.

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