De-mystification & free content advisement

Hello all,

To start, I apologize for the lack of an update on Monday. I have been really busy around my place with renovations and guests. It’s made putting in writing time alone fairly difficult. That should clear up for awhile, and certainly the remainder of this week.

So let’s talk about de-mystification.

I write with a lot of brevity in the mystical elements of my world. Mostly in the form of energy-to-matter extrapolations of Darkness and Light. I will limit the specifics to that for the sake of spoilers. While this has served admirably as a story telling device, it has, in some respects, pushed the narrative into a comic booky realm — that is to say that the engagements are power vs power instead of mortal vs mortal.

That I will be changing.

I am looking for those extrapolations of power to be neutered, but more nuanced and subtle except in moments that truly demand it. Glamours and illusions are good examples of this. Streams of Darkness and Light reserved only for principal battles for each book. I’m hoping this will make it seem more grounded, and common enough that it adds variety and flair to what would otherwise be repetitive battle sequences.

Now for the free content advisement.

In June I will be taking down the free, first draft copies of Darkness Rising, Sea of Storms, and Heart of the Sand. This is all part of the ramp up towards publication. In its place you will start to see character, locales, and mythology information go up on this website. These will be introductions, not spoilers. You will see when they go up.

Have a good night everyone. I shall see you on Friday!

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