Changes & Re-branding

Hello all!

There is a lot of work to do with revising and changing the Vessels of Power.

I am starting this week by spread sheeting all of my characters, their appearance, speech patterns, affiliations and things of the like. This is so I can streamline the characters for consistency, and then more accurately chart their evolution (piles of notes aren’t nearly as effective as thorough, clean charts). Although I was startled at the sheer volume of characters. I had always intended on keeping a small cast, but it turns out I have 108 unique, named characters with lines.


That number does not include nameless characters who have lines. These are mostly priests, stewards, and tavern patrons. When you include them, the number goes up to about 120.



I will say that I did not intend to use that word in the context of my work, but it appears to be inevitable. As much as I like Existence as a franchise name, it has two main problems: i) it is a fairly common word, almost universally affiliated with philosophy; and ii) it does not sound very fantasy-ish. So I will be re-branding. I do not have a word or phrase to share with you today, but it will change in the future. I may also rename the Vessels of Power. It will not be drastic, but something with a bit more zing (and do not worry, book titles are not changing — I love those).

Whelp, back to work. Characters won’t fix themselves.

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