Weekly HotS Update

It’s been awhile since I have been able to write one of these. I do apologize for that. Life has been a whirlwind, and I have been just holding on. That is now at an end.

This week I published Chapter 12: In the Name of the King and Chapter 13: Upon the Tides . These two chapters are the first part of a mammoth four chapter arc that closes out ‘Act 2,’ to use a theatre term. It is not unlike my mammoth chapter from Darkness Rising (Blood on the Mountain). But instead of 10 to 12,000 words at once, it is split up into smaller parts. I think it works out better this way, and I hope you’re enjoying it.

So where does that put the work for me? I am deep into my final plot arc as all the pieces are coming together. We will see the following perspectives: Lutessa (x2), Amos, Johnathan, Aerona (x3), and a final character that I do not wish to name as yet. I think you can tell where the focus is as we rush towards the trilogy’s conclusion.

One thing I do caution is not to be too settled in what you think what will happen. I have prepared a bunch of twists throughout this final act. The clues are in the preceding chapters, so keep an eye out as you read!

Thank you for all the support and reads.

Chapter 12: In the Name of the King

Chapter 12: In the Name of the King

With little alternative, Daniel sits in his childhood home, along with Ashleigh, Jeremy, and Johnathan. It is there that Brayan pitches his plan for a liberated Trecht, and a new world. Skeptical of his brother’s intentions, they all soon learn how twisted and deep their troubles run.


Chapter 11: From Dawn to Dusk

Chapter 11: From Dawn to Dusk

Father Stephen Francis has been summoned by the Holy Magisters — the arbiters of natural law in Dalia. He suspects this concerns the murder of the Blessed Three and their followers. Confident he has covered his tracks, Stephen strives forth guiltless and unconcerned for what awaits him.