Weekly HotS Update

Happy Friday everyone!

This week I published Chapter 2: At the Mercy of Mother God and Chapter 3: Royal Demands. We were in the heart of Dalia this week with the first chapters dedicated to Johnathan Falenir and Lutessa, in two very different circumstances. It was also my first chronologically-linked pairing chapters, and I hope everyone enjoyed the pacing and the way they worked together.

Next week you will get to read Chapter 4: The Hunters and Chapter 5: Stone and Sky. These are not chronologically linked, but are very important chapters that lay very important groundwork for what will happen in the weeks that follow. They are also two very different kinds of stories. I really look forward to having everyone read Stone and Sky. It was a lot of fun to write with characters I have wanted to tackle again for a long time.

This week I finished chapters seven, eight, and nine (I will withhold chapter names for the time being, for the sake of spoilers). There were plenty of challenges while writing them — mostly because of location changes and some new cultural aspects. When I explore relatively new ground, I feel a bit of trepidation, until I get a lot written and fleshed out, and I become more familiar with them. I think you all will like what I’ve done.

I have also made some pre-writing changes to my tenth chapter. I will say that it is an Aerona chapter. I wanted to expand this particular chapter a bit, and when I saw an opportunity to put her — and another, unnamed character — directly in front of other characters she was never going to interact with, I couldn’t resist. I think the end result worked out really well. It gives another layer to her character that previously was not there.

That’s all from me this week. Have a great weekend everyone, and I will see you in the Dalian Northlands — and beyond — next week!

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