Weekly HotS Update

Hello and happy Friday readers!

Today was a very exciting week for me (and I hope for you!). I was able to publish my first drafts of Prologue: The Cleaver Prince & Chapter 1: The Last Retreat. I have spent many months refining the narrative style for Heart of the Sand, and by the feedback I have received so far, it seems many of you are enjoying the refreshing style. I have always been confident in my chances to be a successful writer, but to see the prose evolve — and you, the reader, really enjoying the improvements — fills me with great pleasure. Thank you for your feedback and readership.

Next week I will be releasing Chapter 2: At the Mercy of Mother God & Chapter 3: Royal Demands. These two chapters will be my first batch of chapters that are chronologically linked. I have been wanting to do this more and more in order to give a more brisker, and exciting pace. I hope you enjoy it as much I did writing it.

Outside of new releases, I have been working on chapters fairly deep into the novella, when the dominoes begin to fall. Not to spoil too much, but I have been very much in the heart of Dalia where the last remnants of the Light strives against the relentless Darkness. Stephen Francis and Lutessa figure prominently into this, but there are several other significant characters in play as well. It’s something I particularly enjoy because I see Dalia as the first nation I fully fleshed out (and the country I am the most proud of).  It is always a joy returning there and exploring some of my oldest ideas.

Lastly, I am an author who is very open to feedback (I enjoy it immeasurably!) and very much enjoy talking about my own work (sans spoilers, of course). If you enjoy my work, let me know. If you want to ask a question about a character or plot arc, ask it! I’m here for every reader.

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