In 3 weeks: Heart of the Sand!

In three weeks the final chapter in the Vessels of Power trilogy begins. The Eastern Lands have been rent and torn asunder by servants of Darkness. Thousands lay dead in the streets. Ash and char are all that remains of once proud civilizations. Two powers remain, both set on not trusting the other. A single spark could set them on a path of mutual destruction. All the while, the dark god, Sariel, comes closer to his destined Ascendance.

Not all hope has faded. Men and women have seen the Darkness, and refuse to sit by meekly as all they know and love is torn apart.

One woman in particular stands on the edge of a knife, on the precipice of destiny.

Harpies may fall, but they never lose their wings.


Available January 5, 2016

Read digitally on,, and Existence Fiction.


Just my little hype piece. Getting excited to share all of my hard work.


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