It keeps piling on and HotS length

Heart of the Sand is immense. No joking. It is so much larger and grander than Darkness Rising and Sea of Storms — perhaps combined. I am finishing up my detailed chapter outlines, and I have had no choice but to add four additional chapters. There is simply so much going on, so many threads to tie up, that it will be the longest work by far. When I wrote the first two stories, I aimed for 90,000 words and the first drafts finished at 91,000 and 97,000 respectively. Heart of the Sand will likely crest 120,000 words! There is a lot of story to tell in so little time.

I want to be able to share more, but I cannot right now. Simply getting to a point where I can begin the writing process is such a tall order. The weekend looks like it will be very busy, so if I do start writing, it will be towards the end of next week. Do not worry though, the publication dates are not changing.

I’ll post a picture next week, but it looks like I’ll have over 75 pages of notes when I start writing.

Just to give you all an idea.

Have a great weekend.

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