Pre-writing rough draft complete & character perspective changes

Hello everybody!

I have just completed my thirty-odd pages of notes that constitutes my pre-writing rough draft plan for Heart of the Sand. What this includes is a list of and detailed descriptions (including speech patterns) for all characters in the novella and brief outlines / summaries for subsequent chapters. There is still a considerable amount of work to do prior to the writing process (the ever so fun detailed chapter outlines that will be at least another 30 pages). What this does mean, however, is that I will be able to start writing shortly (the week of November 30th, if all goes well). When I start publishing chapters on January 5th, I will have over a third of the novella complete. It’s good to be on track.

With that preliminary work done, barring massive changes (which I doubt will occur, it rarely does once I have the ideas down), I wish to make some revisions to character perspectives that I commented on last week. Once again, there are no spoilers here, but these are the number of chapters each of the aforementioned ‘main’ characters will receive: Rafael (5), Aerona (3), Daniel (3), and Lutessa (3). If you contrast to Sea of Storms, I had five perspectives: Aerona, Daniel, Lutessa, Ashleigh, and Stephen, each having five chapters each. I have done away with that with the exception of Rafael (him mostly due to the fact we did not see much of him in Sea of Storms and, well, plot). So why talk about this, why share it? Well, just to let you all know there are a slew of one and two off perspectives coming. I really think you will enjoy seeing more perspectives instead of forcing ‘main’ character perspectives who do not really need it. There is a lot of plot that I am covering in Heart of the Sand (things move much quicker than in Sea of Storms) and I think you’ll find it works out rather well.

I will be very interested to see the feedback as the novellas are published as it relates to how the perspectives are divied up.

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