It keeps piling on and HotS length

Heart of the Sand is immense. No joking. It is so much larger and grander than Darkness Rising and Sea of Storms — perhaps combined. I am finishing up my detailed chapter outlines, and I have had no choice but to add four additional chapters. There is simply so much going on, so many threads to tie up, that it will be the longest work by far. When I wrote the first two stories, I aimed for 90,000 words and the first drafts finished at 91,000 and 97,000 respectively. Heart of the Sand will likely crest 120,000 words! There is a lot of story to tell in so little time.

I want to be able to share more, but I cannot right now. Simply getting to a point where I can begin the writing process is such a tall order. The weekend looks like it will be very busy, so if I do start writing, it will be towards the end of next week. Do not worry though, the publication dates are not changing.

I’ll post a picture next week, but it looks like I’ll have over 75 pages of notes when I start writing.

Just to give you all an idea.

Have a great weekend.

Pre-writing rough draft complete & character perspective changes

Hello everybody!

I have just completed my thirty-odd pages of notes that constitutes my pre-writing rough draft plan for Heart of the Sand. What this includes is a list of and detailed descriptions (including speech patterns) for all characters in the novella and brief outlines / summaries for subsequent chapters. There is still a considerable amount of work to do prior to the writing process (the ever so fun detailed chapter outlines that will be at least another 30 pages). What this does mean, however, is that I will be able to start writing shortly (the week of November 30th, if all goes well). When I start publishing chapters on January 5th, I will have over a third of the novella complete. It’s good to be on track.

With that preliminary work done, barring massive changes (which I doubt will occur, it rarely does once I have the ideas down), I wish to make some revisions to character perspectives that I commented on last week. Once again, there are no spoilers here, but these are the number of chapters each of the aforementioned ‘main’ characters will receive: Rafael (5), Aerona (3), Daniel (3), and Lutessa (3). If you contrast to Sea of Storms, I had five perspectives: Aerona, Daniel, Lutessa, Ashleigh, and Stephen, each having five chapters each. I have done away with that with the exception of Rafael (him mostly due to the fact we did not see much of him in Sea of Storms and, well, plot). So why talk about this, why share it? Well, just to let you all know there are a slew of one and two off perspectives coming. I really think you will enjoy seeing more perspectives instead of forcing ‘main’ character perspectives who do not really need it. There is a lot of plot that I am covering in Heart of the Sand (things move much quicker than in Sea of Storms) and I think you’ll find it works out rather well.

I will be very interested to see the feedback as the novellas are published as it relates to how the perspectives are divied up.

Heart of the Sand character teases and release schedule

Weekly Heart of the Sand update for the second week of November. Today I want to share some character and plot teases that I have locked down. None of these are spoilers.

In Sea of Storms there was a very real, raw conflict between High Priestess Lutessa and her Counsel of Faith, Father Stephen Francis. There was certainly a sense of unresolved issues between the characters towards the end of the novella — that will change in the coming months. It will not simply be a matter of one or the other finally acting against their rival. The threat of Trecht and a First Born hovers above them, and these forces will push one or both of them into action. This may be the climax or pushed towards the end of the story (I am undecided on this point). Suffice to say, the internal conflicts of Dalia will be a significant plot point, especially now that the Protectorate of the Faith must unfurl. Oh, and even though I did announce last week that Lutessa will remain a main perspective character (and Stephen will not), I caution not to read into that. I am not afraid to lay a blow to a main perspective character (see: Aldan Durand and Johnathan Falenir in Darkness Rising).

The other tease I would like to bring up is Jophiel and Amos. In Darkness Rising, the two of them had a conflict and Jophiel was certainly on the losing end of it. In fact, one of my favourite scenes from that work was when Amos appeared in the Temple of the Ancients and dominated his brother. The animosity betwixt the characters will be much more on screen (or on page if you will) and it will certainly be much deeper. These are two very, very important characters — arguably the most important characters in the Vessels of Power trilogy — and their decisions, judgements and actions will be on full display.

Now for a bit of bad news. The planning / pre-writing phase of Heart of the Sand is taking longer than expected. It mostly has to do with how many characters I have, the stories they need to tell, and the complexities of the narrative that will spawn from it. What this means is that I will not be pushing Heart of the Sand chapters to Wattpad before November is out. My original plan was to have six weeks of content published before Christmas rolled around (that would have been 12 out of 26 chapters). That target is unrealistic unless I rush (which I’m sure no one wants). Instead, if I started publishing in December, I would only be able to get out 6 chapters at most before Christmas. I do not think anyone wants to see a quarter of Heart of the Sand before the break. Instead, I will begin to publish in early January.

Here is the schedule.

The prologue will be published on Tuesday, January 5 / 2016 and the epilogue will come out on Thursday, March 31 / 2016.

Just like with Sea of Storms, I will publish a new chapter every Tuesday and Thursday.


Heart of the Sand character perspectives

Even though this last week has been my “break” between books, I have been making some finalizations for Heart of the Sand — specifically character perspectives. As all readers know, the choice of perspectives is incredibly important and ultimately shape how I present the story to you. In Darkness Rising, I had a flurry of perspectives that oft changed within chapters. It was too much, too ambitious (and when I revise the work early next year, it will be the first thing that I fix). Comparitively, in Sea of Storms, I stuck with five perspectives until the epilogue. I picked those characters deliberately as the most important plot characters and / or those who I wanted to develop the most. Some of them were carry overs from Darkness Rising, others never had a perspective, and a new character surfaced. In Heart of the Sand I will keep closer to my Sea of Storms model. I have not yet decided if I will have one, two, or three off perspectives, but I intend to keep the focus on a core set of characters.

Who will we see?

Ah, but before I reveal that, I do want to issue a spoiler warning. I will not be talking about plot from Darkness Rising or Sea of Storms here, but if you are still reading either book, you may want to avert your eyes until your reading is complete. The mere mention of some of these characters may be a spoiler (particularly with my tendency to be a bit bloody).

Still with me? Ok. Here we go

Rafael Azail, Aerona Harkan, Daniel Baccan and Lutessa are four characters that I can confirm will have anywhere from three to five chapters each of perspectives. To my readers this should flag them as major characters for Heart of the Sand. I have three to five conditions because i) prologue and epilogue perspectives may not be those four (or the fifth I am not prepared to announce yet) and ii) I have not yet decided how many characters will receive one, two, or three chapters who are not on that list.

So who are the characters being considered for one-offs? Tristifer Marcanas, Adreyu Marcanas, Stephen Francis, Johnathan Falenir, Aleksander, Amos, Jophiel, and Eldred. None of these names should be a surprise to any readers, and certainly they all will not get a perspective (I am going to stick with prologue + epilogue + 24 chapters). A lot of it right now is deciding if I want you to experience major events in Heart of the Sand from those characters perspectives, and / or if I want to give them focused development before said major events.

I will update again next week when I iron out more details.