Rise of the Corsair Excerpt

Today’s excerpt is drawn from Rise of the Corsair, and features a peak into the mind of a young Daniel Baccan whence he meets Damian Dannars for the first time. In this fated meeting, Daniel has just shared the tale of when he was stripped of lordship and cast out of his home, but not without a mandate from the Lion Throne.

It is the beginning of a journey that will lead the eldest son of the noble Baccan clan to the heights of the Corsair. Continue reading Rise of the Corsair Excerpt

Week in the Realm: Rise of the Corsair Excerpt, Prelude to Darkness Cover & Release

The third excerpt for Prelude to Darkness will be made available this Friday, and it will be drawn from the third serialized story in the series, Rise of the Corsair. That story follows the early life of Daniel Baccan, his meeting the future overlord of the Southern Nations, Damian Dannars, the crucible that transforms the young man into the Corsair, and Daniel’s uncertainty with the path that he chose.

I am also pleased to share that I am almost done with selecting the cover for Prelude to Darkness, and I should be able to share it with the next week or two. Which, if you are looking at your calendar, lines up with the release date of June 29. This does mean that I will likely take two additional weeks to complete the work. When the work is completely done and I am satisfied with it, I will release it earlier, but for now the new release date is July 13.

The Indomitable Excerpt

Today, as promised, I am happy to provide a lengthy excerpt from The Indomitable story, the longest narrative in the Prelude to Darkness collection. The selection is taken from the third chapter—titled The Mother—and is a dream sequence for the perspective character, Justine Duvan. While it does detail a tragic account of her very early life, it also opens up the mystical elements that not only shape Justine’s fate, but the very fate of the characters in Darkness Rising some three hundred years later. Continue reading The Indomitable Excerpt

The Dark God Excerpt

The first narrative in Prelude to Darkness follows the life of a young Amos as he finds his way in a world ruled by the iron fist of the emperor. Today’s excerpt is taken from the first story in The Dark God, titled The Fall. A seemingly ordinary day in the market square turns into anything but.

Continue reading The Dark God Excerpt

Week in the Realm: Prelude to Darkness Update & Teaser Excerpt on May 18

Hello readers!

It has been awhile since my last update. I do get lost in my fictional world and all. I will try to do better moving forward, and I do have some updates for today.

Prelude to Darkness remains on schedule for a June 29 release. During the last two weeks leading up to the release, I will unveil the new series name and book covers for Darkness Rising and Prelude to Darkness. Further, the collection will include five books with eight different primary perspectives, which are: Continue reading Week in the Realm: Prelude to Darkness Update & Teaser Excerpt on May 18

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