Week in the Realm: Last Call for Short Stories, Prelude to Darkness Stories, and Book Progress

Hello readers!

Right off the hop, I would like to announce that this is the last week that my current collection of short stories will be available for consumption on the website. These, of course, are being polished and re-packaged for my next book release, Prelude to Darkness. Which leads into …

Where is the collection??  I am still working very hard on it, however, I do have to delay the release to June 30. That is a placeholder date, and I do regret another delay, but a lot of things have cropped up in my life outside of writing, and it cannot be helped.

So is there good news? Yes, yes there is.

This is the current lineup of serialized stories for the collection:

  • The Dark God — Three stories, 15,000 words.
  • The Indomitable — Ten stories and an epilogue, 55,000 words.
  • Rise of the Corsair — Five stories, 25,000 words.
  • The Black Wrath — Four Stories, 20,000 words.
  • Birth of Madness — Five stories, 25,000 words.
  • A handful of short stories — roughly 5,000 words each.

All told, the collection should reach at least 160,000 words when it is complete. To put a point of comparison, Darkness Rising counted in at 240,000 words. Thus the collection will be slightly smaller than a novel release, but it is filled with a ton of new stories, new characters and younger versions of existing characters. As the weeks go on I will be offering teasers and previews for stories in the collection.

So now that brings us to book progress. Of those roughly 160,000 words that Prelude to Darkness will encompass, roughly 120,000 of them are edited, polished and ready to publish. I am expecting to publish the book before June 30, but I do need some more time to finish the remaining 40,000 words, and perhaps add more to it, if time allows.

What about Chains of Fate? When I focused all of my efforts into Prelude to Darkness, I had half of the first draft complete for Chains of Fate. As soon as I hit the publish button for Prelude to Darkness, I will spend the rest of my efforts on Chains of Fate. I do not like to make promises — real life can strike at any time! — but I am very confident than Chains of Fate will release in 2018.

-Brenden Christopher Gardner

The Indomitable, Part X: Holy Dalia

A new short story—The Indomitable, Part X: Holy Dalia—has been released!


The war has come. Lord Theodore has struck the first blow. Justine despairs, but with Mother’s Light in her hand, hope perseveres, if only for a time.

The Indomitable, Part IX: By Steel, By Faith

A new short story—The Indomitable, Part IX: By Steel, By Faith—has been released!


Justine awakes on a trading cog bound for the southern islands. The trials of the desert still linger in her mind, but how she came to the seas is muddied. Still, larger concerns await her: Captain Boris of the Seeker is bringing her to Master Irwin Kole. Too much time has passed since the last time they met, and Justine fears what the trader knows.


Week in the Realm: The Indomitable Concludes, Prelude to Darkness Release, and Chronicles

Woo, hi, folks!

This is the start of Week in the Realm, which will replace the Weekly Update. I will push it every Monday, and it will detail website features and content, information about upcoming releases, and anything else related to my literary efforts.

So let’s hit it.

The Indomitable short story series will conclude this week. I will be publishing By Steel, By Faith on Wednesday and Holy Dalia on Friday. That will conclude the free content from my upcoming release, Prelude to Darkness. Then, on Monday March 12, I will take down all of the free offerings on the website. These stories will be edited, revised, and compiled for the formal release. While the stories will be relatively intact for the release, there will be additional content for some of the installments (including The Indomitable), new short story series that I never offered for free (Terror of the Black Storm, Birth of Madness) and some new one off offerings.

That brings me to the Prelude to Darkness release. I am making very strong strides towards that March 30 release date, but there is a possibility I may need to delay it by an additional month. I will update everyone on the March 12 Week in the Realm with my final determination.

The last item I want to touch on is Chronicles. I wanted to start building that feature, but too much of my time has been consumed by finishing Prelude to Darkness. It is not a feature that I am abandoning, but I need to put it on the back burner until I have finished Prelude to Darkness. Look for it to officially launch in the weeks to come.

-Brenden Christopher Gardner

The Indomitable, Part VIII: Amongst Wolves

A new short story—The Indomitable, Part VIII: Amongst Wolves—has been released!


Justine has arrived in Lord Theodore’s city. She can find no trace of the Betrayer, but amidst the cacophony of the market square, aid comes from the unlikeliest of places.


The Indomitable, Part VII: The Betrayer

A new short story—The Indomitable, Part VII: The Betrayer—has been released!


Justine returns to the castle where she met Gabriel so long ago. It is not with hope, but dread, that guides her feet, and a determined resolve for answers.

New Short Story: The Indomitable, Part VI: A Daughter’s Burden

A new short story—The Indomitable, Part VI: A Daughter’s Burden—has been released!


Justine spars with Ser Marcus in front of a crowd of warrior priests—the defenders of the newly raised city of Dale. There are troubles that Justine must see to, but it is not until the arrival of a guest that she plunges towards a darkened future.

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